Jan 01 (1)

DAY #221

It's me, the freaky zombie apocalypse survivor!
So, I heard central London has been hit pretty hard... Apparently the infected are rioting.
Of course they're going to destroy your buildings, they are the resident evil! They'll tear down yor walls to eat your brains!
Really... Have these shopkeepers never played Nazi Zombies? Hold X or Square to repair barrier!
Right, what advice would I give to the victims of London undead attacks? Well, it's difficult... These bastards seem co-ordinated.
You should definately head for the roof. As you should know, the high ground is Rule No.1. Get those rope ladders!
Bombard the bastards with home made Molotovs. Rag, bottle, alcohol, lighter... RAIN FIRE!!!
Use your height advantage to pin them with WATER GUN! No, not the Super-Soaker, the fucking firefighters water cannon!
Then, if that doesn't work, form a SNIPER TEAM and AIM FOR THE HEAD. That should keep the zombies down!
Now... I'm not in the centre of the action... My safehouse is in outer London... Just out of Zombie HQ. But I'm still scared!
OK, so... Best of luck to you survivors out there! ...And I do hope this isn't building up to that religious "End of the world 2" bullshit!