Jan 01 (1)

DAY #2

Hello again.
I survived another day.
I did not venture outside, as it gets dark quickly at this time of year, and they're more active after sunset.
Here's a key survival tip: Stockpile food in the autumn. Enough to last you until spring.
I guess that's seasonal survival tip number 1, if you want to be autistic about it.
Here are a few more tactics that should hopefully get you through the winter:
Remain indoors, turn off the lights, don't make any loud noises.
If you don't attract any attention to yourself, you should be ignored by the horde.
At this time of year, it is especially important, because they like going out in the cold weather...
It stops them from decomposing as quickly I suppose.
Only make essential journeys. And I really do mean essential. Gathering supplies, escaping from danger. Stay quiet, travel by foot or bike so you don't wake the dead. If you have a working vehicle, by all means use it, but stick to main roads. The sound of an engine will draw out hundreds, and if you don't have a clear escape, you will quickly be overwhelmed.
Always carry a weapon, because the horde can attack at any time. If you don't have a firearm, consider looking for one when the days get longer, but until then, use a sharp, pointy object, preferably with a long reach. Swords, spades, spears... Okay, two of those were quite unlikely to be knocking around your garage... But you get the POINT, and you duct tape it to the end of a broom handle. That makes a lengthy, lethal lance.
Attack them from a distance, because if any of their blood, saliva or vomit mixes with any of your bodily fluids, the infection spreads to you...
When attacking the walking dead, you must remove the head or cause massive trauma to the brain. Otherwise they will just keep coming. It's a side effect of the infection... Cells which are technically dead cannot feel pain.
Fortunately, I haven't had to fight any of these ghouls yet, because I keep my head down.
I suggest you do the same, for the moment, at least.
Well, until next time,