Jan 01 (1)

DAY #4

I survived again today.
And I DID survive yesterday, but I didn't log it because we were saving the fuel from the generator for the television, as it was rumoured that the survivors at Channel 4 were broadcasting the conclusion to the Godfather trilogy. I know, it was selfish of me, but it was a classic, and I'd never seen it!
I'm sorry.
Today, I ventured outside, carefully, and during daylight of course, and I met up with a fellow survivor who specialises in studying and testing the living dead. He asked me for help in filming some expected behaviours of the infected, and I  It was good to see another human who was coping with these monsters... It can get a bit lonely when you only have three people you can talk to.
Which leads me nicely onto some more survival advice:
You are not alone. There are still millions of survivors out there.
They have formed a kind of survivors communtiy, which provide services such as zombie deathsquads who help clear the streets, and television transmissions from barricaded broadcast stations.
Cyberspace is still up and running, obviously, because otherwise you wouldn't be reading this!
I strongly reccommend finding a generator if you don't already have one.
You probably do if you're using a computer right now, but this is really information for people who might have, I dunno, woken up from a coma, and are reading this on a handheld device.
Try to secure a petrol driven generator when there are more hours of daylight. Then, to run it, you can syphon fuel from abandoned motor vehicles or nearby filling stations...
Not only does it give you access to all the emergency announcements on TV, and to the internet, where most of us survivors communicate, but also to electric heating, which is absolutely neccessary in winter and much safer than starting a fire.
That's all for today. I can hear quite a few of them outside.
So, until next time,