Jan 01 (1)

DAY #184

Hello... How are you coping?
I know it's hard... But you've got to keep going!
Movies help. They take up a lot of time. Watch movies often! Also animes! Try to get into a really long one, like One Piece!
If that's not your style, and you really, desperately want to leave your safehouse, there are a few golden rules...
Stay out of sight. Stay the hell away from the undead. Sure, they may look shit and slow on their own, but in a big hungry group...
Spirals. Wear spirals. Preferably a Poliwhirl T-shirt. It confuses the zombies, and buys you vital seconds!
In really bad situations, play along. Moan, shuffle, stumble... OK, they can still smell you, but, again, every second counts.
Now this is a big one... Always carry a weapon with you. Always. Always. Always always.
God damn it. I can't even stress that enough. Because in most outdoor situations, you're going to have to whack a few heads...
Yeah, cricket bats, golf clubs... Hell, even badminton racquets would do. Anything to cause massive head trauma.
Oh, and another thing. If you destroy the brain, you kill the monster. So swing for the cranium every time!
Um... There's still loads left to cover! I'll do some more Apocalypse For Dummies some other time. But for now, Murray used Rest!