Jan 01 (1)

DAY #192

Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter.
I'm sorry, I just couldn't keep that in any longer.
My family is obsessed with that series. Ok, not properly obsessed. Just normally obsessed. Y'know, averagely obsessed.
In any case, we all love a story with wizards and dragons and giants and whatnot. We're very childish.
That may (or may not) come as a bit of a shock to you... Especially since we're currently holding out against the zombie horde.
Childish people? Surviving undead armageddon? Surely only grown-up, mature, adults could do that!?
Hey, it doesn't seem unreasonable to think that all the soldiers and policemen would be better suited to the outbreak than us...
Oh, but you're forgetting that we are mega scaredy cats. Yeah. I said it.
Usually, the battle-hardened, weapon-trained family would survive... But they take way way way way way way way too many risks.
The news told everyone to stay inside and avoid drawing attention. But what does Johnny Shotgun do? The exact opposite.
Tell most people they can't or shouldn't do something, and chances are they'll do it. It's human nature.
Only, for my family, we were never considered to be 'human' to begin with...
Maynards stay inside if there's zombies outside.
Ok, we weren't the only ones to remain indoors. But I bet we were only in about 10% of the population who remained indoors for 19 years.
Rarely even searching for food. We had stocked up. Sure it was boring, but I'm here to tell the tale!
Oh why oh why did the cocksure, self-confident, gunslingers have to go and turn themselves into these ghouls? Why...
Why not?