Jan 01 (1)

DAY #195

It's your digi-pal, Murray! ...What, you don't remember me? I blogged like every da... Oh, you don't remember us being pals. OK then.
Cool, so... As always, the living dead still walk the earth, biting people, eating them sometimes. I heard quite a few last night.
Anyway, you know that. You could just look outside right now to see the undead horde... DON'T ACTUALLY DO IT.
Now, I haven't really done that much today (suprise sur-fucking-prise), and you must know to remove the head or destroy the brain by now.
Today (or should that be tonight? Perhaps it depends when you're reading it? Ooh! Goodbye fourth wall!) I'm going to post random shit.
Well, let's begin! (By the way, these next lines will have nothing to do with each other)
Are all girls this confusing? Because if they are, it's going to take me a sodding LIFETIME to work out what they want.
Is it just me, or does the idea of having a team of four hyper police men who scare people into being law-abiding sound awesome? EN4CERS!
That Marble Hornets is so god damn scary. I am not going to be able to sleep tonight. Look it up. It's on YouTube.
The other day, I re-read a blog that referenced my blog, and it made me smile. Thank you again!
If they made lamp posts into a Dr Who monster, kids nationwide would simultaneously shit themselves. Which is probably why they haven't.
Like most holidays, I promised myself I'd watch tons of anime and learn Japanese... And like most holidays I CBA.
Now my brother's back from hospital, my parents are even more worried about him. What. The hell.
Everybody who enjoys/enjoyed clubbing... I don't understand you. How the heck did you get into that? Are there beginner raves or what?
Xanxus is such a badass name, I want to give it as my name at the hairdressers for when they call out your name... "XANXUS!?"
Twitter is pretty cool. I use it a bit. But mostly I just scour down the timline for people I know saying things that don't involve me at all.
WiiU is a gay name. Vita is a gay name. Stop calling your consoles such homosexual names! It's heterophobic!
Ever get the feeling you should get a hobby? Or a romantic partner? Or, as in my case, both?
Eventually, I'll man up, go outside, get bitten, and I'll probably bloody enjoy it. But that's still at least 3 years off. Minimum.
Koolio, that's enough of my bullshit for one blog. Hope you enjoyed reading it. If you didn't... why are you still reading this bit?