Jan 01 (1)

DAY #223

I ain't. Go-ing no-where. I ain't. Going nowhere. I can't be stopped now. 'Cos it's baaad blog for life.
By the way, if you get that reference, you're a gangster... Like me.
Excellent news guys! The search for Arcadia is back on! Uh-huh, but this time, the Maynards are off to Cornwall!
Son of a bitch...
Arcadia is just a lie! Why are my parents even looking for it?! We've survived the zombie apocalypse well enough so far!
For god's sake... I'm not even fully recovered! (I WILL NEVER BE FULLY RECOVERED)
Even though we almost died on our last 'holiday', we're off on another one on in 8 days... Fantastic.
Good lord. I'd better wear my Poliwhirl shirt just in case. What with all these undead riots and everything...
Undead bloody riots... Making me even more scared to outside... Although St. Agnes isn't exactly zombie HQ...
Yeah, well. I'll keep you up to date... Whoever 'you' is.
So, time to end on a bombshell... I'm trying to be as nice to girls as possible, y'know, to do what they want, and apparently that's wrong!