Jan 01 (1)

DAY #226

I'm happy today! It's because I heard from someone who I genuinely thought was dead!
How nice it is to see that my childhood friends have remained indoors all this time too!
And special mention to a certain survivor who has stayed inside for exactly 19 years today... Congratulations!
Please, though, don't celebrate too hard. A drunk survivor is the same thing as a dead survivor. Also known as a 'meal'.
Party all night, but in a low light, and making almost no noise, and taking no risks... OK, it's not a party as we used to know it!
Yeah, even though the world turned to shit all those 7165 days ago, you can still enjoy yourself!
Bungie servers are still running right? Right? Yeah, so don't get too upset!
Is the internet still here? Um... yep. I think so... So is Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni still online? And how about One Piece?
Reach to play, anime to watch... There's a lifetime's worth of consumable data out there... Boredom? BOREDOM?!
The amount of digital entertainment we managed to stockpile as a species is truly mindblowing... I'm still adding to it!
Have you heard that, before the outbreak, there were more than 24 hours worth of video being uploaded to YouTube daily?
Damn! That was a self-sustaining system right there! Even if you watched every single video put up, you couldn't catch up!
Although it's certainly slowed down now! Probably because the zombies don't know how to use computers/cameras/their brains.
Yesterday's memories in video form... We are the inheritors of a backlog of information... And the irony is, we still don't care!
Even if every survivor sat down at their PC (or Mac) and tried to take in all that's left of cyberspace, they wouldn't succeed.
Mankind left us enough crap information to see us through to the end of our sun's lifetime... I am exaggerating, of course!
Remain indoors, friends, for there will never be an end to that internet browser you're using. In fact, I dare you to see it all.
Yeah, and if you get bored of the web, you can play card games, like my buddies and I do! It's not sad if enough of you do it!
Sorry. That wasn't very memorable... Ah well. Save it for Tuesday, huh! Hope you had a great day though! Smiley face!