Jan 01 (1)

DAY #225

Hey! That was a bit of a fail!
I'm sorry... I don't know why, but I'm sometimes scared to start conversations... Even online!
I guess it's just an after effect of growing up surrounded by terror... And now I don't like starting conversations.
Let's get this back to the point, shall we? THE DEAD WALK THE EARTH. HUMANITY IS EXTINCT.
Only a few of us remain. And we all have to remain indoors. The streets aren't safe... THE STREETS AREN'T SAFE!
Vampires? Not this time, no. That could be next year's blog, huh? Or, maybe you could try it? But no, it's ZOMBIES.
Evil dead, walkers, undead, cannibal corpses, ghouls, infected, dead-heads, idiots, resurrectees, jocks, chavs, bastards, ZOMBIES!!!
Yeah, they are everywhere. Look outside your window right now actually don't... DON'T! They're attracted to the light!
OK, that was a close one! You've got to be more careful! Those flesh-eaters out there will kill you. And they will eat you.
Use a bit of common sense! Stay hidden from the horde, for your health! Barricade your doors and windows, and turn the lights out.
Rope ladders, spirals, headshots, canned food, double tap, cardio, avoid alcohol... There's all kinds of survival rules. Look them up!
By any means, get your hands on a generator (When it's light and safer) be it petrol or diesel or... Hydrogen or steam or...
Loot as much fuel as you can, set up the electricity machine on a roof or in a shed or something, and learn to entertain yourself.
Open up a can of drink, and get to work on a Star Ocean... or The Sims 3, or settle into Doctor Who... or a Korean soap!
Go on! It's the end of the world! Dig in to some good new-fashioned indoor entertainment. Like, for example, reading a shit blog?