Jan 01 (1)

DAY #269

I love that letter. Not as much as M, but it's up there.
Maybe it's because it's symmetrical, maybe because it's responsible for 'ha!', 'huh?' and 'hmm...', but mainly because it implies helicopters.
It's such a cool letter, because if you paint a big enough H on the floor, you get a helipad.
Super special awesome. Very awesome extra double awesome.
S.O.S is pretty useful too, if you're trapped on a roof somewhere, or just, in a field... WTF 28 Days Later?
Yep. Large-letter communication. It's the future. If there will be a future, that is...
Obviously if the zombies kill everyone by the end of the year, nobody will be able to communicate at all. Fail.
Unless the undead learn to speak to ea... I'm sorry! I can't keep a straight face! The very thought!
Anyway, how are you holding up? Enough spirals? Are you keeping the zombies at bay? Improving your cardio?
Maybe we can share survival tips on, what, Saturday? Sunday? When are we going to Pacific Playland?
Yes, that's a Zombieland reference. Stay sweet. M.