Jan 01 (1)

DAY #273

Hello weary reader...
I've calmed down a bit since yesterday. And I'm sorry I had to post it. I guess I just needed to vent.
Sometimes this whole 'survivor of the zombie apocalypse' thing really just gets you down, you know?
Usually I can keep it all in... I mean, my problems are almost negligible compared to some people... Even yours probably.
Children with undead parents, Juliets with undead Romeos, and of course, the undead...
Kind of sobering to think of how many people are worse off than me... I should really be much happier than I am...
Excuse DAY #272. That was me at my worst. My all time low... (Somehow it feels so familiar, somehow it feels so familiar...)
Remain Indoors should take his own advice. Just let the zombies be. They might not eat you if they don't know you're there.
Pretend that you're busy doing something. Like, I dunno, reading a worksheet or texting someone. Just ignore them.
Undead seem to be attracted to weakess in character. So either build up a badass persona, or just be so weak they don't notice.
Now that's not something you hear in the cinema. I can't imagine 'hiding' being part of the plan in Dawn of the Dead.
Curl up in a ball, hold your breath, try not to make any sudden movements, and try to forget about all the moaning and snarling.
How to survive the zombie uprising 101: Pretend you're a rock. Zombies don't eat rocks. They aren't sociable enough.