Jan 01 (1)

DAY #309

Happy fireworks night!
It's like setting off your emergency fireworks, except you're actually not in danger of death!
What? You don't have emergency pyrotechnics?
Oh dear...
Oh dear oh dear...
Go out and find some. Tonight is the best night of the year to buy fireworks. Actually it's tomorrow. Because of the discounts.
Buy some fireworks, one of those multi-ones if possible, and set it up about 100m from your safehouse.
Assemble some wires, trail it to the fuse, set up a nice little distance-activation system and bingo.
Perfect one-use last-resort 100% success rate zombie distraction device.
How about this situation for example... You've been chased by the running dead, you make it back to your safehouse, but they're after you.
OK, they MIGHT not have seen you run in, but if they're right on your tail, they'll be ripping the house down. And they'll attract more, too.
Now... Don't you just wish there was a way of drawing them away from the building, just for a few minutes, so they forget you're there?
Exactly. But you do need to replace them. So you may as well use them tonight if you can! 5th November: Confuses the shit out of the zombies.