Jan 01 (1)

DAY #319

Hello there!
If you've lost both of your hands to a ravenous zombie and you know it, clap your stumps, (clap clap), if you've lost both of your... What?
Zombies have killed almost everyone I know. If I didn't have a dark sense of humor by now, I'd probably have killed myself.
Example: I saw the zombie of someone I used to have a crush on today. (I say crush, it was more like a morbid curiosity towards)
Looking on from a safe place, I saw them take a huge bite out of another survivor I knew. They were both girls, by the way.
Death, was essentially what was unfolding before my very eyes. An undead girl consuming a non-undead girl. (Sounds pretty hot).
And what was I thinking? "HA! That girl being eaten alive is getting further romantically than I did!" ... Oh dear, I can't be saved.