Jan 01 (1)

DAY #329

How has it been three hundred and twenty nine days since my first blog already?
It seems like I was a deluded, pessimistic, sarcastic, immature scaredy-cat just yesterday... The good old days...
People keep asking me, "Murray, how come you haven't killed yourself yet?", to which I reply, "Go away, I'm trying to write my blog here."
I'm kidding, of course. I don't interact with people anymore. That's what texting was invented for. Like a textual suicide barrier.
Zombies can't swim. Did you know that? You didn't? Think to check my post below, no? Well I'll just have to repeat myself then...
Zombies cannot swim. They are rendered useless by large bodies of water. In fact, some small islands might not even know it's the apocalypse!
Argh... I just lost the game. Sorry guys. And this blog has been hyper shit. I'm sorry. I'm just running out of things to say about TWO DAYS!