Jan 01 (1)

DAY #328

Hey, cinemagoers, it's your new friend Murray.
It appears that this evening I may not actually have a chance to blog, which is why I'm doing one now. Because I love you guys.
They'll apparently be performing country-wide power cuts in order to test this plane they've got working.
How they keep electricity running post-apocalypse amazes me to this day... I can live with a blackout now and again.
I feel that I should elaborate a bit more on the actual mechanics of the cannon, since I've not actually explained how it kills the undead yet.
Right, so... The bad news is, it doesn't technically kill the undead. Sorry for ruining that for you. I just set you up, and knocked you down...
Don't worry, though, because it does 'get rid of' them. It pushes them into the sea. Which for zombies is game over.
The undead don't breathe, as we all know from school, and their lungs are rotten, so they don't have any air in them.
In Leyman's terms... They sink. Not only that, but for zombies, the sensation of being surrounded by liquid makes them writhe around.
Meaning that once the horde has been 'scared' into the water, we're safe to emerge from our safehouses... They'll be like fish out of water!
Excellent! So we may have hope after all! In only THREE DAYS, we'll know if humanity stands a chance in World War Z!