Jan 01 (1)

DAY #10

I'm not infected!
I went outside today. There are zombies EVERYWHERE.
I should be fine so long as I'm careful, but being this close to them is quite... unnerving
Today, two of my fellow survivors and I managed to sneak past the horde and attend our first seminars. Some of the lecturers had changed from last time. Perhaps the others didn't survive Christmas...
We learnt some Maths and some Fields and Waves... I won't go into detail, but during those talks, I knew that I was where I was meant to be. Forget that terrifying thrashing we can hear on the other side of that boarded up door; I just learnt how to solve partial differentials!
After that, I spent three hours staring at stars. Virtual stars, on a computer. While I was working out the red shift, I couldn't help but wonder if there was anyone out there. Not out there, out THERE. In this unimaginably vast Universe, surely there must be other life. Life without these...things. If there is, I hope they don't make our mistakes.
As for this evening, we played an old game that I remember fondly from my childhood. It was like nostalgia won over paranoia for the first time in ages. I felt happy... which is a rarity considering the circumstances.
It's nice to see that humans are still enjoying the little things even with this cloud of death hanging over us.
Well, it's a reasonably promising start to the next two months of my life, and if I can live long enough, I'll tell you all about it.