Jan 01 (1)

DAY #9

It's me.
I made it. I'm safe. In my accomodation. The door has a lock. There's a ladder for entry. And I am well stocked for survival.
But this evening, I heard the undead right outside my door. I've never heard them that loud before.
Crashing into things, moaning, snarling, growling, scratching at the walls...
I thought that this place was secure. I thought it was zombie-free. Maybe I'm just hallucinating. Oh, I hope that's it...
I hope that I'm ill or malnurished and that this all one big nightmare, because if I'm not imagining it...
It means there are ZOMBIES ON CAMPUS.
Oh God, I should never have come to this place. I was being stupid. I should have remained indoors like I said I should. Now I'm trapped. I'm a meal waiting to happen. I'm doomed.
Shut up. Shut up shut up shut up. It's not real. There are no walkers on the grounds. I'm just scaring myself. That's all. I should just focus on my studies. See if I can't make that raygun before the end of the year.
If... I survive the year, that is. Gulp. What was that noise?
There's a moving corpse outside my door. I can see him through the spyhole and he looks hungry. Maybe if I just surrender to the infection it will turn out to be really fun and I'll meet loads of other undead and we can all discuss brains... Maybe I should just... open the door?...
I have had enough! I won't let a few excitable famished cadavers stop me from learning. I will not let them eat me. If they want my tender flesh, they're gonna have to work for it. Hoo-rah!