Jan 01 (1)

DAY #5

I'm still alive.
Today, I didn't leave the safety of my house.
I can't really say much about what I did, because it was mostly sleeping, eating, and watching old broadcasts from before the outbreak. That, and playing simulations of undead attacks on my salvaged games console.
So I think I should share some more survival advice...
Ladders are the best way to create a secure entrance to a reinforced building. Especially rope ladders.
The infected cannot climb. I don't know why, but they just can't. Using a rung-based entry system, you can differentiate between the walkers and the survivors. Do not, and I repeat for emphasis, DO NOT have an entrance to your safehouse on the ground level. Flesh-eaters have a tendancy to break through any kind of barricade using sheer numbers if they are chasing after a meal. Rule of thumb is, the higher you are, the safer you are.
If you have to kill an infected, for God's sake make sure... Double tap.
If you think you have neutralised a zombie by destroying its grey matter, you have nothing to lose by destroying it even more. Mash that cranium until it becomes a bloody pulp. You can not let that thing get back up. Why take the risk at the cost of your life?
Just make damn sure.
If a loved one is bitten by a...
Oh shit.
A car alarm just went off outide.
This will draw the horde.
I have to go.