Jan 01 (1)

DAY #6

Hello. Again.
I'm infection-free still.
Will I need to say that at the beginning every time or can we just assume that I'm human considering zombies can't type?
Today, I visited my colleague. He's bunkered up very close to me, so it's an easy journey. Usually a safe one. However, on my way there on this occasion, I spotted quite a few undead across the road. I had to sneak to his safehouse.
What else?...
HA! My parents are arguing and moaning about each other behind their backs! Can you believe it!? Do they not realise that civilisation is crumbling around us? That Death has ridden in on his white horse, stabled it up, and is now staying at the Premier Inn? It's the apocalypse Mum! It's armageddon Dad! Please put your marital problems aside now that God has smote us with the devils rejects!
Plus, there aren't that many people left to remarry...
Ah, I just remembered some more advice if you don't want your grey matter on a platter.
Become a vegetarian. Or vegan if you want to be really safe.
Yeah, sounds pretty bad, but if you can grow fresh food on your own roof and not have to scavenge out-of-date meals from deserted supermarkets, you will fare a lot better. Not only that, but the smell of burning flesh will attract the horde. In huge numbers.
It's getting late. And I need to help reinforce a building tomorrow morning.
I'll be back with more tips soon.
Til next time,