Jan 01 (1)

DAY #7

I'm still going.
Today, I helped my friend to film a sort of grim comedy, completely unrelated to this outbreak. Not a zombie on set. Although, to be fair, the set was very well protected... High off the ground, behind multiple doors with locks, and with blackout curtains and soundproofing.
That room made me feel completely invisible to the outside world. Very reassuring.
Then this evening, I watched a horror film about a virus that turned people into flesh eating undead. But it must have been an old one or have had a really dark sense of humour, because it claimed there was an antivirus! I know! How unrealistic! We all realise that this far into apocalypse, there is no cure on it's way.
Ha! That film reminded me of all the optimisim there was when I was young. Back when the radio broadcasts were regular and full of hope. "We have isolated the active site of the compound, and we're working on an inhibitor"... LOL! Thanks Doc, can you have it ready for 6.9 billion patients in the time it takes to stumble down a road and bite your neighbour?
We were doomed from the start. Isn't it slightly ironic that mankind was searching for a drug that would prolong our lives, and ended up killing more people than The Black Death, all natural disasters and all wars ever put together? Um, yes, it is ironic.
Well, after all that sobering talk, I'm feeling slightly depressed.
No matter. Soon I'll be asleep, hoping my snores don't rouse the ghoulies outside.
Until tomorrow,