Jan 01 (1)

DAY #8

Guess who's still alive?
Me! Oh, and you.
Today was the last day I spent at my primary safehouse. Tomorrow at midday I will relocate to a secure establishment where I will study Particle Physics under surviving lecturers. An ex-university, it is a prestigious beacon of learning even after hell has come to earth. They provide reinforced accomodation, with ladder based entry, and many barricaded doors separating the 'students' from the, uh, 'non-students'.
I will live there, away from my family for a few months, learning lots of things. In fact, I did stay there before the holiday we used to call Christmas, so I'm already aquainted with my fellow flatmates. They're all very nice. We've all lost people to the infection, but this just gives us all more will to keep going.
Eight of us. All survivors of the same age, pulling together. Some of us are studying psycology, some of us media, some of us zombie slaughter, but me, Particle Physics.
I think, to battle the horde, mankind needs a raygun. A one-hit flesh-melting undead-disintegrating weapon.
So wish me luck, if you want to live.
The establishment proclaims it is one of the most civilised places on the planet. Well, who would know? Sure, it has running water, sewage disposal and electricity, clean beds, security patrols and some of the sturdiest fences a trashed Homebase has to offer. But then...
Is that the most civilised place on earth?
I imagine that Japan will probably have some kind of levitating hyperstation with mounted flamethowers and giant fighting robots defending it. Or something like that.
Oh, and I'll keep this journal going while I'm at the facility using my laptop.
Until next time, if I survive the journey!