Jan 01 (1)

DAY #166

House Of Heroes are an amazing band.
I strongly reccommend them.
Have a listen! I promise they make the unending boredom of the undead apocalypse slightly tolerable!
Oh, I have a weird taste in music... You may think your taste is weird but... Mine is pretty crazy...
Weird Al Yankovic sits alongside Sabrepulse, A Chinese Resteraunt, Strapping Young Lad and X Is Loaded on my iPod... Yeah?
So... Quite diverse taste, huh? Throw in a bit of N-Dubz, Keane, Chasing Victory and I Am Ghost and you're about half way.
Yes. I admit. I have dreadful taste. I dare you... No, actually... I ACTUALLY dare you to listen to HORSE the band.
Of all the music in the world, I choose the stuff that no other survivors listen to. It is by definition unpopular...
Unearth are a band that nobody I have met has heard of. They have four albums. FOUR. (Fifth one soon! Yay!)
Right, well, I could go on talking about my underrated music all night, but I should probably try to make some kind of point here...
So... Despite how bad my library is, there is much, much worse. Have you heard of a channel called VIVA?
Up yours, VIVA.
Maybe you haven't heard of it... It's a music channel broadcast on one of the remaining digital signals.
Music... I use the term very loosely... I should probably have said 'noise'. It broadcasts noise.
Every day. Terrifyingly atrocious music. It's apparently popular. Post A-pop-calypse is the genre.
Really. I'm not joking. The kind of synthy shite you might expect from a child playing with Music 2000 on PS1.
God damn...
Oh, and Pit Bull... Good lord Pit Bull...
I can predict the very next song they are going to play will be by Lady Gaga ft. Ke$ha ft. David Guetta ft. Pit Bull ft. Tinie Tempah.
Now the sad thing is, that's only a minor exagguration. IMHO, the music industry was hit hardest by the outbreak... It's all shit.
Go listen to House Of Heroes. They're Christian. So you know they're good!