Jan 01 (1)

DAY #168

Holy mother of god...
Is it really 168 days since my humble first post?
Seems like it was only a week ago... Where does the time go? Or should that be... Where do we go with respect to time?
It's been a good year, so far.
Let's go over the main points shall we? The main good things about the year [20 YEARS AFTER]. A mid-year review, if you will.
Easy one to start with: I am not dead, nor am I undead.
Not infected yet, well, not completely infected. Maybe I'm a carrier now... Maybe I've got neutralised zombie in me, but...
There's nothing wrong with me. Don't worry. I'm still that weird survivor you read about. Definately not a zombie.
So... Another good thing that happened this year was the fact that I passed my first academic year!
Even someone as shy as me can go to post-outbreak university, study physics and actually succeed!
There were loads of cool games released this year so far too! And new consoles!
Heheheh, I say 'released'... I mean 'found among the wreckage of games stores'.
Except it's nice to pretend that everyone isn't dead, and companies are still making things. Much less depressing.
Anyway, the last (and possibly most important) thing that has happened in this last half-year has been meeting you.
Really. You. Sitting right there, reading these very words. Yes you. OK, OK, we may not see each other much, but...
The fact is, you make my survival a lot more interesting. Thank you very much for improving my last half-year!