Jan 01 (1)

DAY #169

Huh-huh-huh... 69...
I am so childish.
How have you been? Can't wait to hear about it!
Anyway... It was Father's Day today! Well, it would have been, if enough people were still alive and if anyone ever celebrated...
Personally, I think we should still remember important days.
People need to keep the past alive, otherwise... Where are we?
Yet, saying that, we didn't really do much today. Fought our way across the park... Had a picnic...
And that was pretty much it. Nothing really special, but we made an effort for our daddy.
The sentiment was there!
How did you celebrate Father's Day? Stay inside like I always tell you? Play Scrabble by the fireplace? Good...
Everybody celebrates events differently. Some make an effort, some don't even care.
Read into this how you will, but I love celebrating calendar events. I get really excited by them.
Sorry, but that's just me!
Don't get the wrong idea if I spend hours writing birthday sonnets for you... I do that for everyone!
A part of me still believes in Father Christmas...
Yeah, but if I hear something in a chimney these days, I shoot to kill. Hahaha! G'night!