Jan 01 (1)

DAY #170

It's the loner ranger here. No, that's not a typo. I am a loner.
Today, I remained indoors. All day. Like a good little survivor should.
Rolled out of bed at 1PM, then kicked around the house, switching from screen to screen, and now here I am.
A life clearly being lived to the full, I'm sure you'll sarcastically agree.
Not that I would do anything differently. I mean, I could get out more, but... Have you seen those monsters outside?
Sorry, but I'm a very cautious person. I only leave the safehouse when it is necessary...
Fighting off wave after wave of starving flesh eaters just to kick a ball about is not my idea of fun.
Oh, how I miss the old days... When it was only about 50% infection level... There was football back then...
Running about the park, fresh air, minimal chance of being eaten alive... I enjoyed a bit of footy back in the day...
My position was always defense... Left back. Hey, did you know my dominant foot is my left foot? Little fact for you there.
Everybody else wanted to be a striker or a midfielder... They wanted to score goals and get all the glory...
Rooney. Owen. Beckham. Those are the names people remember. But... That was never really me.
Sure, you can't win if you don't score goals. But what mattered more to me was that you couldn't lose if THEY didn't score goals.
I guess I've always preferred not losing to winning. Probably explains why I'm still alive and why Peter Crouch is a zombie.
Not that I've ever met Peter Crouch... Perhaps he's surviving somewhere... He is VERY tall... I was just making a point.
Now look at me. Once a defender of a goal, now a defender of my life... They do say life gets harder!
I don't think I've changed much since I was on the team... My hobbies are the same... At least, the indoor ones...
Nope... I can't think of any major differences between myself aged 14 and myself now. Except now I shave and do Badminton instead.
Either that's a really good thing, or a really bad one. I'm inclined to say it shows strength of character... But I'm probably wrong.
Do I wish I was younger? That's a tricky one... Erm, not really. I mean, I miss going outside, and having friends and stuff, but...
Admitting that you'd enjoy being younger than you are kinda implies that everything you've done from then until now is just worthless!
Yeah, I don't really want to accept that five years of my life are completely forgettable, so... No, I don't wish I was younger.
Sorry for another boring blog. I hope you'll still continue to read it regardless! Peace out.