Jan 01 (1)

DAY #173

I'm still alive.
It's my brother that's suffering... His lung spontaneously collapsed, and he's in hospital. He must have overdone it running from the horde.
Medical staff are sucking the air out from where it shouldn't be, and helping the lung to naturally re-inflate...
It's pretty nasty. He's got a tube in his side.
Sorry, I don't really care about zombies at the moment. I just want my best friend better again.
So, I should probably make very clear how grateful I am for the doctors and nurses helping him regain health.
Mitch means the world to me, and these people are making him better. Thank you, hospital staff. thank you for looking after him.
Yeah, it's cheesy. Yeah, I moan about him a lot. Yeah, we argue and fight.
But I love him.
Read that line again. Just to make sure. I know, right? Someone as disgusting as me is actually capable of love.
Oh, I hope he gets well soon. He's not old enough to have health problems, especially not potentially fatal ones!
This is proof, at least, that life is a bitch.
How can it be that my younger sibling is in pain and needs assistance in living? I'm meant to die first, not him! I'm the older one!
Either way, I wish him well, and hope you do too. See you tomorrow.