Jan 01 (1)

DAY #175

Hooray! My brother is back home! Alive and well!
I'm so happy!
My family is already arguing with him... Which in this household is a very good sign!
I mean, he stinks of dead, he's still ordering us about, and he's straight back on CoD, but it's nice to have him back.
These past few days, I have been worried about him... Wondering if the defenses at the hospital are good enough...
Come to think of it, how come there's still a hospital system? NHS disappeared about ten day after the Fosinopril got loose!
Human kindness I guess.
I suppose if you're trained to make people better, it would be unbelievably cruel to just stop treating people in the wake of devastation.
Staff at the Apocalypse Hospital aren't being payed. They didn't have to save my sibling...
But they did.
And I can't say I could do that. Police and firefighting careers used to be the dangerous ones... Now it's the third emergency service.
Can you imagine working in an enviroment where a patient could turn at any moment and eat everyone? And for no reward?
Kind of makes you think... Makes me have massive respect for Doctors, Nurses... And Biochemistry students!