Jan 01 (1)

DAY #177

Hi Bungie!
I'm afraid this is the closest it's going to get to 777... Unless I survive for another 600 days...
Guess I'll have to wait and see!
OK, well, what can I talk about today? Rick Astley Z? Wait... You don't know who Rick Astley Z is?!
Rick. Astley. Z. He's basically Rambo, Wolverine and Jet Li rolled into one! He also makes really feelgood music.
God damn it! He's SUCH a badass. My hero. He kills about 250 zombies a day! What an epic... dancer.
Everybody knows who he is! You must have heard of him! You know, "Never gonna give you up..."
Oh, I should explain, this is THE Rick Astley. The very same! Except he's become an undead decimator now!
Um, yeah, that's why he ammended the Z to the end of his name... It stands for ZOMBIE KILLER.
Seriously, he is a legend! Perhaps I'll tell you more about him tomorrow! Until then friends!