Jan 01 (1)

DAY #178

How can you not know about Rick Astley Z?
I still can't quite get over it... He's like a post-apocalypse Chuck Norris... Everybody knows him!
Anyway, it's getting pretty hot... The temperature is going through the roof!
Really, it's too hot. I mean, you may like this heat, but for me, it's just an uncomfortable, sweaty affair.
My body is not ready.
Even as I type this, I'm boiling. I can't actually cope with how hot I am... It is MIDNIGHT. There is NO SUN. How am I sweating?
No, I don't really like this climate at all. I prefer cold. I guess, if you are too cold, you can always add layers, but if you're too hot...
Oh, and did I mention the smell? Yeah, this weather really makes those zombies decay!
Undead flesh is just unbearably disgusting at this time of year. That is, it's MORE unbearably disgusting...
Go ahead, enjoy the sun and the rare British summer, but don't mind if I just stay indoors with an icepack and a nosepeg.
Happy heatwave!