Jan 01 (1)

DAY #200

Hi! Today is day number 200! EPIC WIN!
I'm happy to inform you that I'm still alive, and there's at least another 150 blogs to go!
Really grateful for you reading this blog, multiples of a hundred are always kind of special to me... Yes, yes, I know...
Eenie meenie minie mo, catch a zombie by the toe, if he screams, blow it's fucking head off. You can never be to sure with the undead. NEVER.
Ask that poor girl at the beginning of Zombieland... She wasn't expecting to die now was she?
Destroy the brain or remove the head. It's the universal rule of outbreak survival... Look on Wikipedia!
To fare well against the horde, remember your three best friends; Rope ladders, spirals and fences. Also a gun is pretty good.
Ha! OK, here's a good example of security in a similar situation... 28 Days Later. You want a set-up like that...
ERROR! Well, the old 'barricade the bottom floor with trolleys' was alright I guess, but a removable climbing device works better, yeah?
Larry Zombie over there can't climb. Humans can. Remove the ladder when the zombies are coming, and the whole floor is secure!
Are you taking notes? Because I've only done 1 out of 3!
So, a zombie is stupid and clumsy, and most of the brain has rotted away... They are scared by spirals. It's too much for their grey matter.
To deter the horde, paint. spirals everywhere . And paint both directions too, because it depends on the handedness of the undead.
Lo, it is the last rule of surviving the apocalypse... Fences. In fact, anything tall.
Ernie Braindead out there can't climb, as you know. So surround your safehouse with a good, sturdy fence.
To get to your safehouse, he'd have to climb it. which he can't...
To try to get past the upright obstacle, he and a few of his friends might bang their grubby rotting hands against it... Like in Dead Set.
Esher College had a nice big fence I seem to remember... As a stronghold, that might have been pretty safe...
Riiiight... I know I just cheated there, but shut up. You try it! Those are the three ways of defending an area from the average brain-eater.
So, see you tomorrow, zombie fans...Happy 200th post! And remember, REMAIN INDOORS!!!