Jan 01 (1)

DAY #206

I am happy, because today I left the safehouse and I didn't get bitten!
There were zombies everywhere too! I went into central London! Yeah, I should definately be infected by now!
How did I avoid the deadly undead? How am I still bite-free? Well, it was relatively simple... Preparation.
All I had to do was to appear to be a zombie. A bit of fake blood, a touch of rotting flesh-coloured face paint...
Now all you have to do is moan all the time and walk as if one of your legs is broken. It's easy when you think about it!
Key thing is, your disguise has got to be flawless. You cannot get away with 'that'll do'. It has to be perfect!
You ever seen Zombieland? It's exactly how Bill Murray does it. His infected impression is so good, he gets shot.
OK, so... I know I'm not the type to be venturing outside for any reason, but today was different. I was not alone!
Unlike every other day, I felt it was safe to go into central London, because... Because...
Fine! Because I wanted to be social! I liked the person I was going with, I hadn't seen what we went to see, and I was bored.
Obviously this isn't going to be a super-regular occurrence. Maybe once a month or maybe every two.
Remaining indoors is the safest way to live... But is it living? Or just surviving?
Today, I rolled down the rope ladder, climbed onto the road, and staggered to Waterloo. It was fun. FUN.
Oh, it was pretty hot, with all those fake layers of skin plastered on, and the bloodstained clothes... That aspect wasn't nice.
Did the other person enjoy themselves? Did they enjoy me being there? Playing undead? I hope so. It took time to put on that costume!
Ah, it doesn't matter... I'm just so grateful that somebody wants to spend time with me, I'll stagger to the end of the earth to see them.
Yes. That's me... But am I a zombie disguised as a human, or a human disguised as a zombie?