Jan 01 (1)

DAY #238

Hey knucklehead! Yo, whatsup? You order now, I'll throw in a second beating... Absolutely free! Bonk!
I've calmed down a bit... My laptop can be saved. It just needs a new hard drive. And there are loads of those lying around. S'all good.
In any case, I should probably do another one of those 'Zombie Holiday Review' blogs... WELL I WANT TO, SO DEAL WITH IT.
Let's travel back in time... One week to be exact. It was cold. It was dark. There were zombies everywhere...
It was... DAY #231.
Killing our way to the vehicle at 5.30 in the morning, we set off on part two of the Maynard Arcadia hunt. At five. Thirty. AM.
Ehh... I'm going to be honest, it was mostly driving. But there were clear roads to Cornwall!
Pitching the tent at the other end was interesting. Mum and dad helped us set up. Couldn't help thinking "Hold X to pitch tent".
I know that tenting is like suicide in Z-land, but we had a very spirally tent... Poliwhirl would be proud!
Cool, so that was DAY #231... So the next day by all accounts was numbered 232. The first day of relaxation... In a long time!
Killcount: zero. Deathcount: zero. A truly zombie-free day! We sat in our field, shottys at the ready, but we didn't need to let loose the lead!
Unbelievably, there is a town called St Agnes which is... Almost Arcadia! We'd found the closest to a safe haven in Britain!
Presumably there aren't many zombies in Cornwall since, well... There were never many people in Cornwall to begin with!
Anyway, after that, we spent DAY # 233 on the beach. The weather was lovely, and we only had to headshot a few undead in the evening.
Please don't be mislead... St Agnes IS NOT Arcadia. I'm not saying you should go. I've told you my best advice. It's just up there in ALL CAPS.
It's lovely during the day, hardly any infected around. But you do pay the price... A few local undead in the evening, and there's NO hot water.
Even sleeping is difficult. Airbeds are... An aquired taste. Anyway... Where was I? DAY #234?
Cool, so on the 234th day, Cornwall decided to show us its truly shittest of weather. It rained. All day. Which was fun under canvas, eh!
Erm... Then it was DAY #235, and... It was still raining. So we went to the old abandoned cinema and watched... Oh what was it?
Do'h... What was it called? The Inbetweeners. That was it. Yep. I watched The Inbetweeners Film with my parents. CAN. YOU. IMAGINE.
Oh well... it almost ruined the family, but I thought it was just hilarious. And I sympathised with the Will character.
Then there was #236. It was both the worst and the best day in Arcadia. It started off super super shit. We had to have a... Family meeting.
The entire morning we argued. The generation game, but there was no prize, and if you lost, you'd be left 6 hours from home with no weapon...
Um... It worked out though... Okay I guess... I'm typing this now, so you know I made it back in ONE PIECE(?!?)
My brother and I eventually managed to convince them to let us come home (because they'd never admit they're wrong. I mean, COME ON.)
But after the storm, there was quiet. We went back to the beach, Chapel Porth, and it was... Perfect!
Let me stress, I don't usually like... Much... But that beach, at sunset, zombie-free, the smells, the views, the ice creams...
Romantic place... Perhaps I'll go there again one day with someone special! (...I'm not saying any more...)
DAY #236 was possibly the nicest evening of my life, with the exception of when my birthday, or when we went to see Linkin Park live.
Oh, and then yesterday, we drove back into UNDEAD CAPITAL and we got back and... Well the rest, as they say, is recent history.
That was my second zombie holiday of the summer.
Can't wait to get back to Royal Holloway of Undead Learning now though. I miss people a lot. More than I thought I would...
Or maybe I'm just sick to death of this oppression from my parents. I mean, they are ageist. It's actually the case. As in, ACTUALLY.
Memory Box is great, by the way, whoever's behind that. I'll speak to you tomorrow guys! Thanks for reading! x