Jan 01 (1)

DAY #239

I'm nobody!!
It seems that my true skill of avoiding zombies has certain... Side effects.
They're not big ones, and I suppose that I've grown up with them, so I'm not really complaining, just...
Seems that I don't 'actually' exist.
No, I don't mean like, Googling myself... I'm actually quite pleased with those results! I mean, to other survivors.
Other people seem to look through me. I'm in the last 5% of the earth's population, and I'm still just part of the horde.
There are... A few people who see me. In fact, if you're reading this, it's probably you! But I seem to be 100% transparent to...
Oh dear, it's THIS one. Where I complain about not having a girlfriend despite the fact I'm physically, mentally and socially repulsive.
I'm sorry. I shouldn't be upset, or expectant or even... hopeful. But it does frustrate me sometimes. When I think too much.
Now I thought this had changed earlier this year, but... That turned out to be a misunderstanding on my part. Hahahahahahaha...
God damn it... It seems to me like girls would rather go out with zombies than with the nerdy physicist with a zombie blog...
Well I suppose that really is the price of staying inside all the time... Not being noticed by anyone, even the people you want.
Ever since my hard drive broke, I've had way too much time to think and consider my life. How many years am I emotionally behind?
Lyrics help me a bit. When I hear singers going on and on about heartbreak, I wonder if the aftermath is worth it...
Let's discuss this further another day. Bye from Mr. Zero-impact-invisible-to-women-easily-forgettable-never-go-out-with-me. Call me Mr. Z.