Jan 01 (1)

DAY #245

Hi hello hey how are you?
I'm still breathing, you'll no doubt be pleased to hear!
Now, I've got to do lots of short sentences today... For THE MESSAGE to become apparent.
Everybody OK with that?
Well tough. I've got 13 more letters to do, and only 20 minutes to do them in...
How do you suppose animals see zombies?
Or, for that matter, how do the undead see animals?
Usually we don't really think about the dogs and cats left behind when humanity became infected 20 years ago...
Sometimes you see loyal hounds following their respective zombified owners around, but rarely.
Even if the owner dies, those faithful doggies still go for walkies with them!
To be fair, if the ex-owner did keel over from, I dunno, too much rotten flesh, or a headshot... Bingo would probably eat him.
On the feline side, what the hell must housetrained cats be getting up to?
Mewing at the walking dead in the hope they still possess the brainpower to open a tin of tuna? Probably...
Or they could just piss off and do whatever they usually do... I imagine cats don't care it's an apocalypse. They're cats.
Rabbits? Dead inside their hutches I should guess. Guinea pigs too. And mice, ferrets, chinchillas, etc...
Real shame, that. In fact, that should be the first thing to do in a zombie apocalypse: Free your caged pets.
Oh that's really upset me now... Nobody remembers the imprisoned housepets... Alone or decaying...
Well, I've never had any pets, so that's no fault of mine. Bloody zombies... They just get worse and worse...