Jan 01 (1)

DAY #246

I'm blogging at midday! What the hell!
Well, I'll tell you for why. I'm going to my other safehouse today. It probably won't have internet access.
How sad.
Even worse, I'm staying there for at least two days, so I can almost guarantee I won't be able to blog tomorrow.
Not that anybody cares.
Damn, well, I suppose it must be done... Since I'm actually moving in proper in a week. I've got to see if it's safe.
Oh god I hope it isn't destroyed when we get there... The dream scenario is that we get there and there aren't any zombies!
Yeah... That's not going to happen.
OK, well I suppose this is about the time I should be getting back into the University mindset... Preparing myself...
Urgh... It's going... To be... Difficult... For me...
It was so hard to adjust this time last year. It was like I had to become a new person to cope.
Now I'm home, I've reverted back to my regular(?) self, my childish, dependent, infantalised self.
Expect me to be shy and awkward and nervous at the beginning of this year, just like last year.
Gradually, I'll poke my head further and further out of my awkward turtle shell, and maybe one day, I'll be confident.
Ha! Perhaps just a LITTLE bit optimistic there!
Anyway, I've got to go.
Maybe I'll see you soon?