Jan 01 (1)

DAY #248

Hey there heartbreak.
I'm back!
I made it to the safehouse and back, of course, otherwise you wouldn't be reading this.
Very luckily for me, there were few zombies around. It's almost better than my parents safehouse! I mean, not quite...
Everything was just as I expected it. Shotguns where they should be, rope ladders where necessary...
Good, working order. It should keep the undead out until I return there for proper.
Oh yeah, but there isn't any internet there yet. Which sucks just a bit.
Now, I don't know if you know about this, but the broadband company Virgin Media handed out free internet before the end!
Everyone just got unlimited web access for zero cost, I suppose because they wanted a 'last act' before the apocalypse.
Of all the good things to do before you succumb to the infection, Richard Branson did one of the best...
Free global communication. What a legacy!
Fact is, if Mr. Virgin Media hadn't done that, a lot more people would have died.
Yep. It's true. Because in response to the world falling to shit, people group together on zombie forums and share ideas.
Oh, you thought I came up with the whole rope ladder thing? Nope. That was the power of the internet for you!
Urgh, anyway... We need to find a modem pronto, because then... Well, then I could move in! Haha, 'til next time!