Jan 01 (1)

DAY #261

I'm all moved in, moat dug and everything!
It's all safe and secure, windows heavily barricaded, and y'know, a fresh batch of spirals painted everywhere.
Very soon I'll be right back to studying again, I'm sure I won't even have time to fear for my life!
Except that all starts on Monday, not this Monday, next Monday... If my post-apocalypse calendar is correct. It's hard to keep track.
Don't worry, I'll say it like this: I am near Egham, safe from undead, and completely available to do stuff for another week.
Obviously I'm trying to hint at something here, aren't I A? It is fairly obvious how hard I'm trying isn't it? Is it?
Well, I still don't know what exactly I am referring to... Just... Something.
Not only because I like spending time with you (or any other survivor for that matter!), but also because I need to practice!
Living without much human contact over the undead summer, I have probably got rubbish at social interactions...
Oh, didn't you know? Zombie Uni is all about interacting... Socially.
And I can tell you now, that if you thought my people skills were bad around guys, just wait until you see me around girls.
Don't... Actually... It's like watching Will from the Inbetweeners. Not something to behold without cringing massively.
Extra points if you haven't actually met me, and you guessed I was shit with women and cripplingly shy just because I have a blog:
DEAD WALK THE EARTH... HUMANITY IS DESTROYED... REMAIN IND... Hey, I should totally put this on the web!
That isn't the action of a lady's man, awesome, confident hero survivor... That's the action of a HUGE NERD.
Really, it's kind of depressing thinking about what I SHOULD be doing to get the girls... It just makes me sad...
Only 3% of all men are left alive, and I'm STILL nobody's Romeo... I'm Undesirable No.1 if you need me to prove the point.
Look, I've gone off on a tangent of some magnitude, and I'll use this sentence to get us back on track by ending it with HELP!
Leaping personality-first into Fresher's week would probably be the death of me... What if someone talks to me?
Hey, stop laughing.
Unless I ease myself back in gently with, oh, I don't know, a friendly, beautiful, non-threatening face, I'll mess up again.
No, I don't mind what we do... We could see if the abandoned cinema still has a working projector, or raid some ruined shops?
That would not only make me feel like "Oh, hey, someone wants to spend time with me!", I'd also be a lot less scared.
Every day that passes... I get slightly more worried about how badly I'm going to fail... S.O.S! Oh, and I downloaded a film:
R U There. It's about romance an pro-gaming in Korea... And that's in addition to the film I mention in today's hidden message!