Jan 01 (1)

DAY #262

Here we go again.
I'm pressing keys on the 262nd day of 2011 so about two people will have something to read in less than a minute.
So... Zombie apocalypse, walking dead, spirals, ladders, moats and weapons, I'm so shit at living... That's usually it, right?
Cool, so, I could just copy paste that into every blog I have left to do, and that'd be that, but I probably won't...
Keep reading to see if I care enought to make each post unique.
Ehh... I never thought I'd have a blog, and now I do, I kinda regret it.
Really, honestly, this whole 'inform the other survivors thing' stopped being fun by the end of February.
Putting it as brutally as you like, I think my reader base is dying out.
Unless it's just a huge coincidence, or I'm repeating myself too much, maybe the advice I'm giving is getting them killed!
Now that's a weight on my shoulders. I used to have loads of readers, but now they must have died off.
Chances are, I distracted them with my shit blog and they forgot to close a door or something, and then they got bit.
Hello? Is there even anyone reading THIS? Please respond! Please!
Too bad. I guess I haven't had any contact yet... Why would I expect it now? I'm just...
One more unknown soul in the vast ocean of cyberspace...
On my own in my room.