Jan 01 (1)

DAY #266

Hello. Let's ty something new today shall we?
I know it looks like a typo, but don't worry, I know what I'm doing... Or at least, I hope so... I'm being pretty brav...
Right, well, I saw another unded running today. And I didn't have my Poliwhirl T-Shirt... I was wearing the one with Togepi.
Every day I see more of those fuckers learning to move quickly. If they all turn, we're fucke. I mean, holy fucking shit.
All we have at the moment is our maneuverability and intelligence... If they gain one of those things, then it's time for a suicide pac.
Don't pretend like we stand a cance. We don't. Running zombies will kill you. Ignore Left 4 Dead. That's just stupid media.
Ther is no way in hell we'll have a defense against them. Look what happened to most of humanity, and these ones were shitter!
How on earth are we going to survive if those fesheaters can outpace us? We just... Won't.
Everybody knows. If my observtions are correct, and the walking dead are becoming the running dead, we don't have much time left.
Make your time, gentlemen. All your brains are belong to us. That's what thoe zombies would say, as well as possibly, HA!
I don' know... It might just be me seeing things. I am fairly paranoid. But if not, I'd say we've only got about 99 days left to go...
Sorry. It's not good news. I know we've survived this ong without becoming infected, but there's nothing we can do about this.
Sure, w COULD build a moat, but that would involve digging a fucking great trench... Outside.
I'm not sure, but have you noticed those large letters at the op? You hadn't? Oh, bugger.
Now I feel like I should remind you all that the best survival advice is to REMAIN INDOORS. DO NOT BUILD THAT MOA.
Going outsid is like committing suicide these days, what with the occasional sprinting zombie about. I'M WARNING YOU!
Look, I'm not saying it's impossible to stay alive in the event of the unning horde, and if you want to try, give it a bloody go.
End me your survival ideas on a postcard, to the usual address, I'll see if any of them are even worth a try.
To be completely honest gys, I'm pretty damn tired of this life anyway. I'm almost looking forward to our demise... I am!
Ever since certain people stopped reading my blog, I've jus been waiting for the final day of Murray.
REMAIN INDOORS might just GO OTSIDE and see how many zombies he can kill in his local area.
Shit... I've run away with the idea of running zombies. Sorry. I mean, it could have been worse... I could have seen a zombie JUM!