Jan 01 (1)

DAY #316

Hey gang!
I was wondering if you guys ever RNG abused on Gen 4 for an all 31 IV Bold Mesprit so you could Trick-setup in the Battle Tower?
I'm guessing no, right?
Maybe I'm just too awesome for you all. Hell, maybe I'm the best human left on the planet! But more likely, I'M WEIRD.
Turning our attention now to the slightly more important issue of zombies being able to run... OH FUCK THE QUICK AND THE DEAD.
I have mentioned this before, but I cannot stress how important it is to REMAIN hidden INDOORS.
Running used to be our advantage. Now it's a level playing field. I say level... One side can't die, the other is made of meat.
Everyone, seriously, if you're reading this, stay inside. Your life literally depends on it. Just... Don't... Move...
Don't worry. I am exaggerating a bit. I'm sure we'll all survive if we all just sit on our computers all day... Getting fat, but not getting bit.