Jan 01 (1)

DAY #335

Hey there, nobody!
I'm sorry, I was just talking to myself again... DON'T MIND ME!! ...And now I just referenced something really obscure. For my own benefit.
Yes... Welcome to my world. These blogs are merely windows into my existance... Think about that... You're looking at my thoughts...
And on that note, it's TIME TO D-D-D-D-DDDDDD-DUEL!! And when I say duel, I of course mean, talk about zombies.
You won't stand a GHOST of a chance!!
Alright, I'll stop it now... Ah yes, it's the first of December. The countdown to Christmas has begun! And not just any Christmas either!
Didn't you hear? On Christmas Day this year, some Swiss physicists are switching on a machine that may well save us all!
Very exciting stuff! They told me it would take about 10 hours for all of the zombies to drown after switching it on, though...
Even still! We might all be saved! Apparently, when they flip the switch, everything with a brain will want to move away from the epicentre...
No, I don't know how it works, and yes, I realise that for 10 HOURS we'll all have to put up with an uncomfortable sensation, but...
The pros outweigh the cons? Surely? One shit day, and then humanity is saved? Sounds fair... Anyway, 24 days to go!