Jan 01 (1)

DAY #351

Hello, hell. Oh, I found a cat today! He was very sweet! In fact, it made today's hell 71% better! He cheered me up by being fluffy!
I know, small animals shouldn't be of interest to an 18+ year old zombie apocalypse survivor, but there you go...
That's a terrifying thought... I'll be 21 next birthday... I'm not that old, surely!? I don't think I'm mature enough for that... Do you?
Right, well... There are only 90 or so zombies outside at the moment... Because I'm home, safe and sound! We live in a great area!
Yes, I know this is like, the 3rd day in a row I've been counting the undead outside, but I've got nothing else to do for an hour...
And if you'd like a reference today; "If you're having ghoul problems, I feel bad for you son, I got 99 problems but a witch ain't one!"
To think... I may die cold, alone, never having experienced a 69... Haha! I'm aiming a little high there! I've never kissed a girl... Nice going!
Although, I doubt I'll be able to pull now that most of the girls I fancy are zombies! Also, now I'm back at 90 Hellington Road, my dream is over!
By the way... Did you know that I get my hopes up all the time? Yeah, that's one of about 63 different things wrong with me...
Look, I'm not normal. I for some reason like numbers where all the numbers are the same... Like 111. What a messed up idea!
Everyone... I'm sorry. I am possibly the worst person to be alive. Don't worry though. I'll die before I'm 50. I just know it.