Jan 01 (1)

DAY #352

Hello, have you noticed the zombies outside? Yeah... They can run. Did you know that?
I know, right? We're all going to be eaten alive! Unless of course there's a miracle in 7 days... If that Last Hope Cannon works...
Now I don't know if it's going to work, but either way... Let's all celebrate Christmas regardless!
Of course, you shouldn't go OUTSIDE to celebrate. You want to die or what? Just sit inside, around a fire... Whatever...
My parents reckon that if you light up a house for any reason, it will draw the attention of the horde, and you will die... So no trees!
Every Christmas since the outbreak has been the same... No singing, no laughing, no lighting, no anything!
Seriously, last year, we just gathered around the radiant heater, gave each other weapons and ate our Maynard's Christmas-tree-shaped pizzas...
Santa? You what? No, we don't joke about that anymore... If we hear something coming down the chimney, we aim for the head!
And anyway... He's not really called Santa is he? Oh no! He's Father Christmas. Everybody knows that... I just needed the "S".
Good that it's still a pleasant family event... Even despite the unbreathing horde at our window... At least we have each other...
EVERYONE JUST SHUT UP. Sorry, my family were just having a huge row... I hate them when they do that... HUH! People!
?20,31, 32 47,51,64,68,74,105,129 141,145 156,176,194,196,213 214,232? ...Again?!